March 13, 2019

Looking To Be an Investor Into Stocks or Plunge Into Doing a Business? What Does Money Mean To You?

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One of the pen-ultimate question which most people fail to ask themselves, while they decide to take a plunge towards investments – Am I Mentally Prepared To Be an Investor Into Stocks or Plunge Into Doing a Business?

Well, you must understand that the colour of money has one ‘Golden Rule’ all across the world i.e. – “Money Will Be Anything That You Want It To Be”. Money comes from our minds, our thoughts. If a person says – “Money is very hard to get”, it will probably be hard to get. If a person says – “I’will never be rich” OR “It’s hard to get rich”, it will probably be true for that person for a greater part of his life. If a person says – “If i had a lot of money, I would probably put this in a bank because i don’t know what to do with it”, then it will probably happen quite that way. You will be surprised how many people think & do just that.

This exactly is the reason why ‘mental conditioning’ becomes extremely important in a person’s life towards everything & primarily money. It’s not something which you may get into that mode after graduating from an exceptional business school or attend a ‘celebrated’ course based training or counselling or any kind of momentary inspiration. A person needs to evolve with times of maturity that comes along side with a good education, experience & attitude towards money. This is one familiar reason most often – affluent class of society even with surplus cash reserves don’t succeed in creating successful 2nd generation entrepreneurs from their own families. Well i could even a draw parallel line to this theory & say –  this is exactly why rags to riches stories are easier to find, than the later, across all sections of the society across the world.

Anticipation & attitude about ‘What money is’ & ‘What money can do’ – resonance that comes along with an answer to these questions is the key towards making real money. Mental preparation that it takes to be a sophisticated investor or a successful business man is similar to the mental preparation it would take to climb Mt.Everest or even to prepare for Priesthood.

We have seen a shift from ‘Industrial Age’ to ‘Information Age. When we shifted from Industrial Age – people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison became billionaires. Today in the information age – we see some prominent personalities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk & other founders of the internet companies who were quite successful in connecting the dots that lay scattered all across the internet. Well, today 20-somethings will soon be surpassing Bill Gates wealth. That is the power of shift in ‘Industrial Age’ to ‘Information Age & shift in attitude towards money.

You don’t necessary need to have money to breed money. It has been said that “there is nothing so powerful as an idea, whose time has come’. It’s important one needs to evolve alongside powerful ideas with maturity & money will only be a quantified by-product of all your ideas put together. In other words just take it easy, develop a stronger sense for free flow of ideas in connecting the dots that are right in front of you – money will take its course to come to you, when you reasonable expect the unexpected!


–    Article by Suman Adithya Rao (SEBI Certified Research Analyst, Management Graduate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management)
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