March 11, 2020

The Secrets Of Indian Real Estate

India’s First Real Estate Course, Take it Now!

Understand the nitty gritty about real estate as per RERA guidelines – What is Carpet Area, Super Built up area, Sanctioned Plan, Occupancy Certificate – when is it issued & everything else as per RERA Act. Take the first step to understand now!  Click to Continue Reading

The Art Of Negotiating Real Estate Deals

Learn the Art of Negotiating A Real Estate Deal. Mind Your Posture, Time Your Information, Rehearse Your Closing Pitch – Before You Close A Deal.  Click to Continue Reading

Asking The Right Questions While Negotiating!

Learn to ask appropriately inappropriate questions – analyse the market & understand the real estate dynamics of your city! Click to Continue Reading

Learn How to Make Counter Offer While You Make a Deal

Simple things that really count while you position yourself to make a counter offer, learn to how to set a pitch for your bargain! Click to Continue Reading

Incentives Can Be Offered By Both Sellers & Buyers Too!

There are many different kinds of incentives that a seller can offer, or a buyer can request in the transaction, and they are all part of the negotiation. Click to Continue Reading

List Of All Land Approvals Known in Bangalore

All your dreams about buying a property can be more enriching experience only if you had the power of information at your finger tips on the ‘Need to Know’ facts about Real Estate in Bangalore! Click to Continue Reading

Tools for Negotiating a Real Estate Deal

Know That Home/Flat Inspection or Site Inspection is also a Frequent Negotiation Tool.. Click to Continue Reading

Strategic Buyer’s Guide in Real Estate

If you have a deposit saved up, have found the most suitable property and received a “decent offer”, now is the time to strategise your negotiation skills.. Click to Continue Reading