January 9, 2020

Stock Markets

Route to Stock Market Millionaire Milestone – Journey From Street To Highway

Stock market’s theory of profits & millionaire milestone

Well this is my definition of stock markets as i see it & sense it – with all my years of maturity being in the market. Most often, there are 4 kinds of mindset hats which usually drives people to stock markets – Strategy Mindset, Success Mindset, Profit Mindset & then Greed Mindset.. Click to Continue reading

How to Analyse Businesses while investing

How do you analyse businesses & hedge against inflation in your normal life? (Inflation = rise in purchasing power)

This is one of the most common question either i pose to my mentee’s or i get usually quizzed up on while i mentor. It is best understood, when i would answer it with an example which also is the best solution by itself.  Click to Continue reading

Terminologies in Equity Markets

Terminologies that are frequently used in Equity Markets..

Face Value, Book Value, Market Value.. Click to Continue reading

Are Media Stocks good to buy? Changing advertising trends will replace regular TV connected to Set top boxes with Smart TV with internet

Emerging trends in Digital Media that can outsmart conventional visual/audio mediums

Lets understand the structure of the Indian media industry, learn to make investment decision based on your perspectives about trends highlighted here. .. Click to Continue reading

Outlook of Indian Pharma Companies 2-3 year Horizon

Are Pharma companies in India better bets for investments, considering a 2-3 year long horizon?

To have any perspective on possible Outlook for Indian Pharma industries one should have a basic understanding of structure of Pharma Industry in India & then understand why most Indian Pharma attracts global attention  Click to Continue Reading

An Investors Guide To Understand Difference Between Investing In Large Cap Companies Vs Small Cap Companies

Understand how business is conducted in each of these categories & challenges they face as a business? Who should invest in them?

Whenever a business analysis is done – there are always two kinds of views that are presented to the world – . One is “Theoretical View” & other is “Realists View / Practical View as per present day dynamics, the business operates in”. Read More.. 

Click to Continue Reading

Understanding Business Models

To invest in Equities, You Must Understand businesses & its business models too..

Well – If you have no time or no interest to understand the business of the company you are investing – Your probability of choosing a better company is equal to a monkey @ 50:50 . Click to Continue reading